Thursday , July 2 2020
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Places in our hearts

Places in our hearts is designed to introduce you to some of the NFPs which we would like to celebrate. If you know of one, please tell us via email to

RefugeHere is Mary’s House, a shelter in the Lower North Shore of Sydney supporting women and their children who need help because of domestic violence.

This is a practical, local response to the national crisis of domestic violence against women and children.

Mary’s House is an initiative of St Mary’s parish in North Sydney. “We’re opening a refuge called Mary’s House on Sydney’s Lower North Shore to support women and children escaping domestic violence. Mary’s House aims to provide a local solution to a national crisis,” the website indicates.

Contact: (02) 8918 4101. Have a look at this great program here.




SnipImageIdentitywa is one of Western Australia’s leading agencies supporting people with disability and their families. The organisation, an outreach of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth,  provides support to children and adults throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

While the services are proudly based on Catholic values, the Vision of  Identitywa encompasses people of all faiths and backgrounds.

That Vision is to build a community in which “All people live with a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and a sense of wellbeing.”

For each individual and family this means Identitywa  begins a relationship by asking, ‘What does a good life look like for you?’  Identitywa then works together to find the mix of right supports to help make this a reality.

To achieve this, Identitywa has an organisation with a 38 year legacy of providing quality support. From this strong foundation, the organisation is continually finding new ways of adapting our support to suit people’s needs, goals and dreams as they change over time.

This approach means that people with disability, families and Identitywa effectively become partners, working together to ensure lives are lived with a sense of purpose, belonging and wellbeing.

Contact:  (08) 9474 3303  Website: