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Govt must tackle social inequity

The Australian Council of Social Services has responded to the Morrison government’s win by urging the Coalition to address social inequity, an ACOSS statement says.

“The economy is fragile and the climate crisis is impacting people, our regions, the economy and the environment. More than 3 million people across Australia are struggling, especially women, to make ends meet and keep a safe secure roof over their heads. Employment is uncertain for millions, including young people, older people, and people in regional areas.

“We urge the Morrison Government to work collaboratively across the community, with First Nations leaders, the community sector, the union movement, business groups and regional groups to find the common ground that will deliver the solutions for a fairer sustainable future.

“We firstly urge Mr Morrison to reach out to First Nations leaders as a first priority in forming his new government to establish these relationships of trust for the long term. This must be a priority for a newly elected Federal Government of Australia.

“In bringing the community together, we urge Mr Morrison to consider the real and broad support for increasing to Newstart, including from regional communities.

“…A $75 per week increase to Newstart would cost less than a third of the cost of the government’s proposed high-end tax cuts and would be far more effective in boosting the economy. This is the major adjustment needed.

“ACOSS promises people affected by poverty that it will continue building on the broad support for increasing Newstart that already exists, including amongst some within the Coalition, as well as on the recognition we must work hard together to tackle our housing affordability crisis.

“The housing affordability crisis is really hurting people and many were deeply concerned about unfounded claims of rent increases during the campaign. The Government has a responsibility to tackle rental stress and homelessness because everybody in Australia, the wealthiest country in the world, should have a safe roof over their head.”

“The climate crisis also featured as a key concern in this election and the Morrison Government has promised to take it seriously. We urge the government to work with local communities and across sectors to develop a plan to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels that provides investment certainty, creates jobs, tackles energy prices, and looks after vulnerable groups and communities,” Dr Goldie said.


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