Friday , June 5 2020
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Undies for a stranger

Forget about bouquets of roses, overpriced chocolates and plush teddy bears this Valentine’s Day, Perth Now reports.

Because nothing says I love you like a clean pair of undies.

That’s the message from charity Wayside Chapel running their yearly campaign for some of Sydney’s most vulnerable.

Beginning in 2016, the initiative aims to raise money for much needed basics for the city’s homeless including hot showers, socks, underwear and toiletries.

Wayside Chapel CEO and Pastor, Jon Owen, says they are aiming to raise $45,000 to help stockpile necessities for the year.

“We want to invite the general public to contribute something meaningful to their loved ones and care for our city’s most vulnerable people”, he said.

The campaign has just passed the halfway mark ($22,860).

To donate to the 2019 campaign, visit Wayside Chapel.


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Wayside Chapel