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Gold coin days at all Tests

Cricket Australia have made entry for every day five of this Test summer a gold coin donation in a major win for fans, Perth Now reports.

In previous seasons CA have determined on a case-by-case basis whether they would charge full price or a gold coin for day five of matches depending on the status of the match.

However, a review has deemed that random approach to be a “messy” one for fans and charities and now CA has made a policy to virtually throw the gates open on the last day of every Test.

CA will nominate a different charity for each of the six Tests this summer and donations made on the final day will go directly to that cause.

Executive GM of Fan Engagement Anthony Everard says the change is a positive one for fans and worthy causes.

“The last couple of years have had gold coin donations on day five but was always subject to state of play — wickets or runs required,” said Everard.

“But that was messy for charities and fans so we made the decision to formalise that gold coin (policy) regardless. Each Test match will have a charity nominated where money is dedicated to. Last year $60,000 was raised in gold coin donations.”

It is a smart decision for CA to make given research shows their day five crowds boost by 38 per cent when they charge just a donation at the gate.


Cricket Australia to introduce ‘gold coin donation’ for charity for day five of all Tests this summer (Perth Now)


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