Sunday , January 19 2020
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Women dress for success

Over 15,000 women in Sydney have re-entered the workforce in less than a decade, thanks to the charity Dress for Success, ABC News reports.

The globally run charity aims to help women become economically independent by providing styling, as well as coaching and mentoring for women trying to find work.

“Our client base is really diverse,” chief executive of Dress for Success Sydney Ursula McGeown said.

“So we work with a lot of young people in getting them ready to enter the workforce for first time.

“And often young people don’t have the finances or don’t have the, I guess, understanding of what’s required to get into the job market.”

The Sydney office has been operating for around nine years, and Ms McGeown said she has noticed an increasing demand for their services — particularly in regional Australia.

“Last financial year alone our pack and send program grew by 40 per cent,” she said.

“There’s a big need in regional and remote parts of New South Wales — we provide a pack and send service, so distance is no object.”

Ms McGeown said when working with those remote clients they would virtually style them before sending them “a gorgeous package”.

“There’s quite significant high unemployment rates in regional and remote parts of NSW, [so] there’s a big need out there,” she said.

Ms McGeown said they helped women from all sorts of backgrounds, such as those who have left domestic violence situations, where they may have left their home with nothing.

“They’ll come to us and we’ll provide them with clothing,” she said.


Dress for Success: The network of women helping women become economically independent (ABC News)


Volunteer stylist Marie-Gai [R] works at the Sydney office and has been with the charity for eight years. (Supplied: Dress for Success)