Monday , July 13 2020
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Social enterprises on the rise

Swinburne University has just released the first major study into social enterprises which are on the rise in Australia, ABC Lateline reports.

EMMA ALBERICI: For our last story on Lateline, we’re hoping to inspire you with businesses that exist to give back to the community. Swinburne University has just released the first major study into social enterprises, which are on the rise in Australia. The report found that the industry is creating thousands of jobs and having a big impact¬†on the long-term unemployed.

TIM COLLINS, TRAINEE: You commute to and from the city and riding at night?


TIM COLLINS: We have a few different ones. This one is probably the biggest and brightest. Every bike that comes in has a different problem so it’s kind of like a puzzle for me to solve and I like keeping my mind active so it’s really good.

EMILY STEWART, ABC REPORTER: Tim is a trainee mechanic at Good Cycles. It’s no ordinary bike shop. All the profits fund a program to help at risk young people like Tim.

TIM COLLINS: They basically just give you a bike to build for yourself and then in doing so you learn, you know, every piece of the bike and how to repair it and tune it and things like that. And if you’re interested from there, then they are good afternoon going to offer you a job in the shop as a trainee. Like, I never thought I’d amount to much or – you know, so it’s good that I’m valued here. And I’m doing something for other people as well here. ‘Cause every dollar I make here goes towards running programs for other people like me.

JAISON HOERNEL: We basically swap profit for purpose and that really resonates with me.

EMILY STEWART: In the last year alone Good Cycles has poured at least $300,000 back into its community programs and placed 10 young people in jobs.


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