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Dementia village to be built

Tasmania will become home to what is being touted as Australia’s first suburban village designed specifically for people with dementia, ABC News reports.

As well as 15 tailored houses, the village will have a supermarket, cinema, cafe, beauty salon and gardens.

The $25-million Korongee complex will transform a derelict site at Glenorchy in Hobart’s north.

The village will be based on international best-practice models, including De Hogeweyk village in the Netherlands, where residents have been found to live longer and take fewer medications.

There are many facilities which have aspects catering for dementia patients – like streetscapes – but this is the first creating an entire village.

But this complex will have a particularly Tasmanian flavour with cul-de-sacs reflecting the landscape nearby.

Who’s behind it?

The project is a collaboration between aged care provider Glenview Community Services and health sector superannuation fund HESTA, which will kick in $19 million.

The Commonwealth Government is also providing funding.

How will it work?

Glenview’s Lucy O’Flaherty said the village model aimed to provide real life experiences for those with the disease.

“For us, this is actually about providing a service for those people that can’t afford to get into a service that might be bells and whistles that would cost dollars,” she said.

“This is actually about responding to the most disadvantaged in our community.”

Residents will be free to wander the village in a supported environment.

“They’ll have staff that will [take part in] discreet observation, there will be technology, the design of the facility will be as such that it will support residents within the village.”


Dementia village mimicking small-town setting to be built in Tasmania (ABC News)


Plan showing shape of dementia village in Tasmania. The village will employ up to 50 people during and after construction. / Supplied