Friday , August 7 2020
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High rise schools emerge

By 2031 New South Wales will have to find an extra 164,000 public school places according to the State Government — that is an increase of 21 per cent, ABC News reports.

Education Minister Rob Stokes believes the answer lies in high-rise schools.

The first images have been revealed of a planned high school in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills which will cater for 1,200 students and house 47 classrooms, three laboratories, a dance studio and a gymnasium.

The move “points to the future” Mr Stokes says, and certainly marks a continued evolution of the way in which Australians are educated.

Last year plans to rebuild Parramatta’s Arthur Phillip High School in a 17-storey tower were announced, and two years ago St George’s Anglican Grammar School opened the doors of its new high-rise campus in Perth’s CBD.

While the concept is currently in vogue, it is not necessarily new.

High-rises won’t automatically appeal to kids

St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney marked the beginning of vertical schools in Australia in 1976 when their new buildings opened.

John Collier is head of school there and he is clear the decision to build up cannot be based on property prices alone.

“You can’t just consign kids to office space and expect them to be happy,” Dr Collier says. d”Because we are inner city, we need an antidote to the concrete city.

“We have a playground on the roof with basketball nets, cricket nets and football goals.

“You need to be smarter in how you use space.”


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