Wednesday , February 26 2020
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Govt to collect pensioner data

The federal government is to begin the mass-harvesting of financial information on hundreds of thousands of Australian pensioners as it steps up the “automation” of the nation’s welfare system, the Canberra Times reports.

Centrelink is to be given the power to force superannuation funds and other sources of income for retirees to hand over the details of payments made to their members.

The move is expected to save up to $38 million each year in reduced administration for Centrelink and fewer overpayments of the age pension.

The welfare reform bill that passed late on Wednesday night contained the clause empowering Centrelink to demand the information, which is expected to be in the form of data-sets, from super funds and other “income stream” providers.

From early 2018 pensioners will no longer have to report their income streams to the welfare agency.

The changes will apply to part-pensioners who also receive income from private or public sector superannuation funds or annuities.

According to the government’s explanatory memoranda, the amendments passed on Wednesday “empower DHS to give a notice requiring the provision of income stream information by providers.”


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