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Want to get more from your mobile devices?

Want to get more from your mobile devices?

We understand that each individual not-for-profit organisation has different needs when it comes to mobile plans.

Whether your organisation has one mobile phone or a large fleet, needs data heavy plans, unlimited calls + SMS, sim + handset, options for fleet management and security or more we can help you find the best value option to match your budget and needs.

  • Want to find out how an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) plan can help you manage your organisation’s mobile devices from a single platform to make your communications more secure seamless?
  • Want to know how the right Mobile Device Management (MDM) plan can help your organisation have easier and quicker visibility and control over devices without the need to install additional hardware?
  • Want to find ways to ensure you have Mobile Application Security systems in place to ensure staff have secure access to data, apps onsite and offsite?
  • Want to know how to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) safely into your own communications infrastructure?

Talk to Church Resources today to find the solutions that fit the needs of your workforce. Call us on 1300 248 724 or email info@churchresources.com.au. Alternatively, you can fill out the online form below and a CR contact will get in touch with you shortly.