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VitalCare New Product Releases


Church Resources is delighted to announce that our partner, Vitalcare, released a low-cost small facility nurse call console along with a range of LCD displays for its Internet of Things (IoT) based Daisy nurse call system. 


Desktop nurse call system for small facilities

Flora is a desktop console nurse call system designed for small facilities such as consulting rooms, aged care group homes, schools or institutions covering around 200 squaremetres.  Flora supports wireless pendants, call points, bed mats, door security, out of bed sensors and reports call activations to a dedicated desktop console.  It can also report to Vitalcares cloud based analytics engine Vitalcloud if required. Self-installed at under $5,000, Flora provides outstanding value for money.

Flora Desktop nurse call system for small facilities

LCD Nurse Call Display

Wireless LCD display screens

Vitalcare has just released a new range of colour LCD nurse call monitors to replace the traditional LED annunciators.  These range in size from 10 to 32 inch (that’s 25cm to 81cm in the new money!) and are either desktop or wall mounted.  They can be configured to display single, multiple or scrolling alert messages with a range of alerting tones.

LCD Nurse Call Display


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