Vitalcare EOFY Special- 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS

Vitalcare EOFY Special- 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS


About Vitalcare– Vitalcare is one of the oldest and most trusted names in nurse call technology. The company has been designing, manufacturing and installing nurse call and critical messaging systems across Australia for over 30 years. Today Vitalcare has a proud heritage of around 1,000 installations and 50,000 beds nationally in hospitals and aged care facilities, encompassing both high care and low care residents.

Vitalcare would like to thank Church Resources members for contributing to a successful year and to finish the Financial Year with a bang, Vitalcare are offering 15% off all products for new orders from today until close of business 30th June 2019.


Pendants and Wrist Buttons 

Using Vitalcare’s cloud based ‘Insite’ technology, every pendant and wrist button routinely tests itself and reports anomalies and activity daily. These reports can be emailed to supervisors and displayed on the Vitalcloud management dashboard accessible over the internet.

Importantly, the products don’t look like a medical device, increasing the likelihood they will be worn by residents.




Movement Sensors

The Vitalcare Daisy system supports a comprehensive range of bed, floor and chair mat sensors, as well as out of bed and movement sensors.

These are connected to a wireless call point so can be simply deployed and moved between rooms.




 Nurse Call Points

Call points use long life replaceable batteries, and like pendants and wrist buttons, report their status to the network controller and Vitalcloud daily.
Configurations include:
  • Call, Cancel, Staff Assist, Emergency, Duress




LCD Nurse Call Monitors

LCD nurse call monitors to replace the traditional LED annunciators.  These range in size from 10 to 32 inch (that’s 25cm to 81cm in the new money!) and are either desktop or wall mounted.  They can be configured to display single, multiple or scrolling alert messages with a range of alerting tones.

LCD Nurse Call Display


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