Unilever's New Continental Professional Soup Range

Unilever Teaches Us How to Use the New Continental Professional Soups Range

Unilever Teaches Us How to Use the New Continental Professional Soups Range



Last month Dr. Karen Abbey visited Unilever Foodsolution’s Kitchen to find out more about how their new Continental professional soup range can be utilised by CR Members in their kitchens. Andrew Ballard (Executive Chef) cooked up a few delicious meals to demonstrate how versatile their range really is.


IMG_9955The new Continental professional soups range contains 13 different soups, all of which are gluten free making it very easy to integrate into your menu planning. The most intriguing one of the range is their cauliflower soup which is the only powdered cauliflower soup that’s available on the market right now.

Unilever RE:FRESH

Unilever have also updated their Re:fresh campaign with new recipe cards designed specifically for the aged care sector teaching you how to utilise their new soup range in your menu planning. Each soup in the range is accompanied by two recipes – one for recreating the soup and one for creating a dish with solid foods.

IMG_9960 IMG_9964


This is a great initiative by Unilever as having a range of dishes that you can create from the same product helps to reduce the pantry space required to provide variety in your menus.

Unilever Sample Packs

To get you started Unilever have actually put together a sample pack that you can get here. The sample pack includes their pumpkin, cauliflower and minestrone soups with the recipes to go along with them so that you can try out their new soup range for yourself.

IMG_9970 IMG_9975


Bidfood Codes

Product Bidfood Code
Beef & Vegetable Soup 125000
Cream of Chicken 124989
Spring Vegetable Soup 124991
Potato & Leek Soup 124995
Chicken & Corn Soup 124997
Cream of Pumpkin 124933
Cream of Mushroom 12700
Tomato Soup 172701
Minestrone 172702
Chicken Noodle Soup 172696
French Onion Soup 172699
Garden Pea & Ham Soup 172697
Thick Vegetable Soup 172698
Cream of Cauliflower 172703


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