Finding the Right Video Conference Solution

Finding the Right StarLeaf Solution For You

Finding the Right StarLeaf Solution For You

There is no doubt that today’s workforce is becoming increasingly mobile with more and more people working either from home or on the road. Mobile devices have played a massive role in the shift towards an increasingly mobile workforce but how can you maintain the human contact with such a mobile workforce?

Video conferencing is becoming more prevalent in today’s increasingly mobile and busy workforce. Your organisation needs to conduct meetings in a time efficient manner and this means reducing travel time and costs where possible without reducing the human contact afforded by face to face meetings. Most organisations today will already have some form of video conferencing equipment that is currently being utilised to make video conferencing calls but what you might not know is that some of these programs and hardware cannot communicate with one another. What this means is that you may have paid a lot of money for equipment that potentially may not be able to connect with those you need to talk to if they have a different system.


How We Can Help

We have partnered with StarLeaf to bring your organisation a bridge between the various video conferencing solutions that exist. StarLeaf can easily and seamlessly integrate into your current AV setup whether you are running Polycom, Cisco, Skype for Business or have nothing at all. StarLeaf have a range of hardware and software solutions to help you bring video conferencing into your organisation whether you want a full room solution, a mobile app or a full network that gives you access to everything on your computer, phone and AV equipment. We’re here to help you understand the various solutions that StarLeaf has so that you can find the right solution for you regardless of where you are with your video conferencing setup.

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Talk to CR today to find the right StarLeaf solution for your organisational needs. We’ll help you choose a solution based on your current AV equipment and spacial needs.