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Staffs' financial wellbeing

Support your staff in making sound financial decisions

Financial Wellbeing

Church Resources partners with Your Wealth Hub to bring your not-for-profit a solution that ensures your staff feel confident and comfortable when making life’s financial decisions.

Financial support can raise the basic level of financial literacy amongst your staff and provide tips and education on a regular basis so more people will be in a much better financial position.

Did you know one in three Australians live beyond their financial means? What impact does this have on your business?

  • Help your staff to improve their financial knowledge to achieve better personal financial outcomes.
  • Ensuring your staff have better financial outcomes allows them to be more productive at work.
  • More productive staff leads to an increase in the revenue and profitability of your not-for-profit organisation.
  • Receive rewards and benefits for your staff and become an employer of choice.

Our promise to you

  • Create a positive work environment by taking away the pressure and stress your staff may experience in their personal financial affairs.
  • Your staff can now have easy and fast access to online solutions and discounts to manage their tax returns, Wills and estate planning, plus a free Mortgage review service.
  • Have confidence that your staff are receiving regular financial updates at no cost and support and guidance when they need it.
  • Your staff will receive ongoing financial support through a monthly education program.
  • Raise the basic level of financial literacy within your not-for-profit, so your staff understand more about their own financial situation.
  • Exclusive discounts available to CR Members

Receive ongoing support for your staff

Start rewarding your staff with Member benefits and educating them with this great financial wellbeing program.

We believe we can make a positive difference for both you and your staff.

Call us on 1300 248 724 today and speak to a CR People Solutions specialist.

  • Feel financially secure
    Ensure your staff have the best policy structure and price with financial reviews and guidance.
  • Save instantly
    Your staff can receive huge savings and discounts with online solutions available to them 24/7.
  • Monthly education updates
    Your staff will receive ongoing support and education sessions through a financial literacy program.
  • Increase staff productivity
    By providing your staff with ongoing financial support and guidance, we believe we can help you make a positive difference for both your staff and work environment.

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