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AGL’s commitment to you goes far beyond just supplying energy. Your dedicated Service Team is your direct point of contact for all matters and questions relating to your energy needs.


One call is all it takes to sign-up.

Make a start and find out now. Call 1300 248 724 to talk to an energy consultant.

Exclusive Benefits

  • 1

    Guaranteed discount off usage charges* calculated using AGL electricity usage rates

  • 2

    No AGL early termination fees.

  • 3

    Dedicated team within AGL to deliver quality service to our CR Members. Call 1300 793 477.

  • 4

    AGL offers a range of billing options to make it easier to manage payments and cash flow.

  • 5

    AGL Energy Online provides information and tools to help track your energy usage.

  • 6

    Support from your CR Energy team. Call 1300 248 724.

Our Trusted Partner