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We will assist CR members procure the most appropriate and cost effective insurance and risk management services


As your external risk management advocate, we make sure that you have all the facts, information and knowledge necessary to make a fully informed and educated decision on how to best manage your insurance and risk management programs now and into the future

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Services We Offer

  • Technical Coverage Review
    An in-depth examination of policy wordings that benchmark the actual levels of cover provided against your specific risk profile as well as alternative products available. This process ensures that your policies are tailored to meet your needs while eliminating any opportunity for your insurers to repudiate or deny potentially significant claims.
  • Statement of Capability - Management of Insurance Tenders
    A poorly managed review or tender process is not only a waste of valuable time and resources but, of even greater concern, it can also damage your reputation in the insurance market. We conduct a unique, comprehensive tender review process for the provision of insurance broking and risk management services, eliminating any potential complications or anti-competitive behaviour.
  • Benchmarking
    Our risk transfer benchmarking studies allow you to fully evaluate and measure the performance of your program, and flag any potential weaknesses, helping you better understand the efficiency of your program and make more informed decisions regarding your future risk management and financing methods.
  • Service Level Evaluation
    Our extensive tender and contract management experience means we are perfectly positioned to help with the negotiation of your preferred broker's Service Level Agreement, making sure it is appropriate and protects your interests, including agreed KPIs that allow you to monitor and measure their performance.
  • Risk Management, Local Emergency Management Plan Review, Technical Expertise and Ongoing Advice
    Working in partnership with you as your appointed external risk management expert and advocate, we provide 24/7 assistance with any questions or concerns that may arise.This includes your preferred broker's and insurers' performance or any technical issues raised.