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Do you have the best Insurance coverage for your business?


Let us handle a review of your insurance policies.

Risk is inherent in the modern economic environment – an unavoidable consequence of running a business in the 21st Century. There are numerous methods a company can employ to protect themselves, for many organisations insurance invariably forms a substantial part of their risk management plans. If done properly, this can be quick and conventional solution, however, if poorly structured, an insurance program can have disastrous consequences to a business.

Of more than 90% of all insurance program reviews undertaken by senior members of the InsureRight team, we have found that companies are needlessly paying inflated costs to their brokers and/or insurers.

In almost 95% of these cases it was discovered that the companies’ major policy wordings contained restrictive and/or onerous clauses and conditions that limited the actual extent of protection offered.

Our InsureRight team serves as your external risk management advocate, making sure that you have all the facts, information and knowledge necessary to make a fully informed and educated decision on how to best manage your insurance and risk management programs now and into the future.

We will provide you with the corporate governance comfort of knowing that your insurance has been independently audited, and coverage and costs have been optimised.

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Features and Benefits

  • Totally Independent
    We offer a truly unbiased, professional and factual advisory service to support members through the complex and costly exercise of implementing the most suitable insurance and risk transfer programs
  • Cost Savings
    You will have the most competitive insurance premiums available from both the local and global insurance markets
  • Bespoke Solutions
    We ensure you enjoy a "fit for purpose" program comprising bespoke insurance policies and solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements
  • Management of Tender Process
    We conduct a unique, comprehensive tender review process for the provision of insurance broking and risk management services, eliminating any potential complications