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Smart Energy Solution

Preserve your capital with $0 upfront

Smart Energy

Church Resources partners with AGL to bring your not for profit a new energy solution and savings. Invest in your organisations future and preserve your capital with an AGL solar Smart Plan for $0 upfront.


  • Lock in low, long term solar Smart Plan energy rates.
  • Flexible solar Smart Plans with a term to suit your needs.
  • Performance guaranteed by AGL, a company you can trust.
  • AGL takes care of the warranties, maintenance and monitoring for the life of the plan.

Why buy with CR?

  • CR brings you an energy solution to help reduce operating costs for your NFP organisation.
  • CR and AGL work together to deliver your business value through a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA).
  • The PPA enables your organisation to buy the solar Smart Plan Solution on a monthly basis and so you can start saving straight away.
  • CR and AGL offer your organisation a solar Smart Plan that is fully monitored, maintenance free and performance guaranteed.

Take the first step and commence your solar Smart Plan Solution today

Contact us to see how your business could start saving on everyday electricity costs.

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  • Tailored solution
    CR delivers a range of energy services to power your bottom line and provide your business with a complete end-to-end service.
  • Simplified procurement
    CR will provide the right energy solution for your business and deliver ongoing support. We do this through a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) and energy efficient technology.
  • Save on your energy bills
    There are no quick fixes when it comes to sustainable energy solutions. CR are here for the long-term, to help you save on your electricity costs.