Stay One Step Ahead of Printer Security Threats

Stay One Step Ahead of Printer Security Threats


Don’t become a statistic:

  • OVER 516K Australian businesses fell victim to cybercrime in 2017
  • COSTING $1.9M in lost productivity information, and reputation for the average medium sized business
  • AN ESTIMATED 71% of successful breaches start at an endpoint device–like a printer

The cyber threat landscape in Australia is ­continually evolving, getting larger and more complex.

You simply cannot afford to be complacent when you are in charge of sensitive company and employee data.

Today, security professionals must take pre-emptive strikes to mitigate any attacks on their business’s IP, though many have a ­blind spot when it comes to ­securing their Multi-Function Devices (MFDs).

Do you have counter-measures to these workplace security threats?

  1. Physical security- MFDs and printers are usually located in common areas accessible by multiple people, so confidential information can be accidentally or deliberately copied from stored documents, taken from the output tray and scanned or faxed without authorisation. Unauthorised personnel can also potentially access and enter corporate networks when devices are not ­fully protected or securely configured. In addition, any information stored on a local desktop computer or a server accessible through the network can be printed without authorisation.


  1. Network security- Data stored on a hard disk drive or in the memory of an MFD can be compromised, altered or stolen if network access is not properly secured against unauthorised users. It could even be intercepted while being transferred over the network or Internet, when genuine security measures are not implemented. Furthermore, cyber criminals could obtain confidential information by unleashing a phishing campaign, a virus on the network or by hijacking an MFD to launch a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack that targets your internal infrastructure or other external targets, using the Internet. Securing your MFD prevents your device from being used in an advanced cyber-attack.


  1. Legal responsibilities- Your company is legally responsible for­ the security of the data that it holds, wherever it is held, including employee records, customer information, account data, commercial information and sometimes much more.


Let CR help you simplify your print security with Sharp

Sharp’s MFDs help you work more efficiently and securely:

Using the Sharp Security Suite, Sharp MFDs provide robust control over information access, transmission and tracking needed to meet stringent industry and legislative mandates – and avoid any penalties or lawsuits for non-compliance.

Building on the proven strengths of Sharp’s MFDs, their Optimised Software Solutions ensures that businesses can achieve even better:

  • Value – reducing printing and copying costs with more control of usage and less wastage
  • Efficiency – using internal resources and supplies more effectively with automated and consolidated management
  • Productivity – making it easier to create, store and retrieve information using different devices, in any location
  • Compliance – ensuring all actions are fully auditable, traceable and securely managed



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