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What is SD-WAN?

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by abstracting network operations from their management.  A key application of SD-WAN is to build high performance WANs using low cost and commercially available public Internet, enabling businesses to partially or wholly replace expensive private WAN connectivity such as MPLS.

The global buzz surrounding SD-WAN has been appropriated, sometimes confusingly,  by technology vendors across WAN optimisation, link bonding and router technology.

Choose wisely when selecting a partner to ensure you source an appropriate solution with the following core capabilities as a priority:

Centralised orchestration

  • Deliver effective Quality of Service (QoS) in a public Internet network
  • Steer traffic across multiple links according to network conditions
  • Low touch, rapid provisioning
  • Deploy over existing infrastructure
  • Provide security and other services with service chaining
  • Replace branch routers

SD-WAN is no longer bleeding edge – Gartner has predicted that by the end of 2019 approximately 30% of enterprises will deploy SD-WAN technology in their branches.

In contrast to traditional WAN, SD-WAN reduces network costs, allows for greater agility, and rapid deployment – the software allows you to spin up new environments quickly, so you can respond to your evolving business demands quickly. For example, think about retail pop-up branches gaining secure access to applications and collaboration tools using existing DSL Internet, compounded with a 4G dongle.  Or consider centralised orchestration ensuring continuous alignment with business policy across the entire network.

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