Q and A's from the Single Touch Payroll with MYOB Webinar

Q and A’s from the Single Touch Payroll with MYOB Webinar

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Thank you to all those that asked questions during our Single Touch Payroll (STP) using MYOB webinar.


Below we’ve recorded all the questions asked during the webinar, answered by webinar presenter, Pam Chillman,(longstanding Certified Consultant with MYOB and MYOB Lifetime Achievement award recipient).


Even if you didn’t attend or ask a question, chances are you may have similar questions.

Q: Do you need to have MYOB in order to operate STP?

A: There are a number of different options available including MYOB’s solutions for full accounting and payroll or low cost Payroll only solution. As long as using one of the latest versions.

And remember no one is able to report via the ATO Portals, so must have STP compliant payroll software to report.


Q: How do you report fringe benefits if you are a PBI? Do you only report fbt once a year or every payment?

A: Same concept as Payment Summaries, with the Reportable amount entered annually as part of the Finalisation process.


Q: What about reportable super if they salary sacrifice through a third party?

A: Same concept as Payment Summaries now, I expect their third party will be reporting if they are making payments as well if they currently do (hard to answer without seeing specifics).


Q: Authorised person – how do you choose that?

A: This would usually be your payroll officer and you can have more than one authoriser.

Normally your payroll officer and yes can have multiple Authorisers.


Q: Payroll officer on leave – can you send a few weeks after?

A: The ATO advised they want the information either at the time of the pay event or before hand so you would need to pre enter the pay’s prior to going on leave. You can apply for a one off deferral through the ATO if required.


Q: We have just purchased MYOB upgrade. Can we apply for 30% discount ?

A: Yes just contact Church Resources via the email who will pass onto MYOB


Q: How do you report if you are making higher percentage (15%) of super guarantee to an employee (through industry agreement)? Can I still classify as super guarantee , not reportable?

A: Would depend on if these payments are considered RESC – if so need another Payroll Category to reflect the additional amounts and so that it can be reported as RESC (hard to answer without knowing specifics to them).


Q: We pay by cheque preaching fee only. Twice each three months. 6 preachers What pay run frequency. We pay a cheque every week to 6 different people

A: Report at time of payments made, which could be daily, but needs to be done each time you do a pay run.


Q: We implemented STP part way through the year, some employees had already finished working for us before then, they are not coming up in the EOY finalisation area. how do we get them to appear?

A: You may need to do a $0 pay for them to bring in – and ensure on latest version of MYOB. If not we would need to look at the actual data.

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