Procurement - As Easy As Shopping

Procurement – As Easy As Shopping

Procurement – As Easy As Shopping

The way we shop as consumers is similar to the way organisations procure their goods and services from their suppliers. Although substantially different from one another, the two processes share several similarities that can help you better understand how organisations handle Procurement.

CEO of Church Resources (CR), Luke Kenny feels the similarity between consumer shopping and procurement is not necessarily due to the strategies that are employed, but due to how they are employed.

“What makes Church Resources unique to other procurement specialists,” he explains, “is the human and personalised approach we strive for with our Member organisations.” Much like the personal consumer shopping experience, organisations look for an experience that makes them feel their specific needs are catered for.

To better understand the strengths of Procurement and how these can be leveraged, let’s look at the simple, familiar and often similar ways consumers and organisations shop for products and services.

A personal touch

As consumers, we love shopping – not just for products and services – but for the interaction we have with the brands we love, whether that be in person, online or through social media. We also love the customer-centric aspect of shopping, or the feeling that a product or service is meant for us.

Additionally, we value ongoing support from the first enquiry, to post-purchase assistance and ongoing updates. This turns us from consumers to loyal customers.

Tailored Solutions for every Not-For-Profit

A personalised experience is key to effective Procurement Solutions. Luke Kenny stresses the importance of personalised offers: “While customers know what they want, they also want help and support to fully understand what they are buying and how they can benefit most from their purchase. This is especially true if it involves a higher investment.”

With a strong focus on customer care and effective communication, CR offers access to leading brands, covering the following solutions:

  • Communications
  • Travel
  • Foodservice
  • Consumables & Office Supplies
  • Energy
  • Whitegoods & Furniture
  • Technology
  • People (Insurance, recruitment, financial wellbeing)
  • Asset & Property
  • CR understands that like consumer shopping, choosing the right Procurement solution can bring you long-term benefits. This is why we offer ongoing help and assistance every step of the way – from the moment you enquire about our Solutions, to post-purchase support.

    One stop shop for all your organisation needs

    The digital age is here and it has revolutionised the shopping habits of people around the world. When making a purchasing decision, it has become second nature for most people with access to a computer and Internet to go online to research what they are looking for.

    Making the shopping experience as convenient as possible is also vital for effective organisational Procurement Solutions. Luke Kenny points out the importance of making information about products and services easily accessible to our Members: “Before making a purchase decision, customers do their research. Nowadays, most of this takes place online.”

    For this reason, CR recently redesigned our online shopping cart, the Business Shop, to make it an easy to use central resource for all our Members. We added over 14 categories of products to choose from while keeping in mind important issues like energy, water efficiency, warranty and work health safety considerations. Find out more.

    But while websites and shopping carts need to provide all the information a potential customer would need, it should also make it easy for them to contact someone. “This is why we include custom forms on every page and contact information at the top of the website, in case anybody wants to reach out,” Luke highlights.

    Information where you can find it

    Many consumers see social media as a way to connect with brands they love. At CR, we believe that procurement needs to have a multi channel presence to enhance the Member experience and meet their individual needs.

    To grow and maintain relationships with our Members, CR is active across all the major social media platforms. Information is the same across all channels, but communication is effectively adapted to each.

    The website offers informative updates on Solutions and their benefits, while social media brings a human element to our Member interaction with industry news, updates from our specialists, tips, sharing Member content, inspirational stories, hot offers… oh, and even a bit of humour sprinkled here and there!

    Considering these consumer shopping behaviours and the similarities to organisational buying, Procurement is now a lot easier for all Australian not-for-profits. CR engages with our Members in a personal way, provides information on social channels, while ensuring the Solutions they require can easily be researched online, just as individuals go about their shopping process. Procurement with CR is as enjoyable as shopping!

    If you are a not-for-profit and want to find out more about our leading Solutions, contact us today and see how we can help! Also, why not read more about our Solutions based on a sector of your choosing or your industry?

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