Spend less and do more for your school with OfficeMax

How OfficeMax can help you spend less and do more for your school

How OfficeMax can help you spend less and do more for your school

OfficeMax is the leading national supplier to schools across the entire Education sector and has the most extensive range of school stationery, books, IT products, educational equipment and furniture.

Church Resources (CR) through our aggregated procurement model in which around 4,500 Member organisations participate, is able to leverage this buying power to ensure that each individual organisation no matter how small, benefits from the purchasing power of the combined CR Membership with the savings from the prices negotiated with OfficeMax.

CR’s partnership with OfficeMax has developed and strengthened for ten years now and will continue to do so. The longevity of the partnership is due to the savings and services our Members receive and as a result CR Members have supported this partnership.

Why OfficeMax?

CR and OfficeMax are receptive to the needs of CR Members. OfficeMax offers online ‘live’ ordering and invoicing as well as reporting that permits management by the schools of their costs. CR and OfficeMax offer schools the opportunity to empower parents with the ability to order online the appropriate curriculum for their individual children.

Being able to supply the total requirements of the school from one source (OfficeMax), reduces costs, saves time and increases productivity.

CR’s Corporate Supply Manager Tony White manages the solutions for three of our longest-standing clients, including OfficeMax, AGL and NUS Consulting.

In regards to office and school supplies, he believes OfficeMax comes first in terms of price and product diversity: “They are a national distributor for stationery and school supplies, as well as the leading supplier in the education sector.”

Continuous improvement

Apart from the variety of office and school supplies, OfficeMax has also expanded its product offering to cater for more industry sectors. As Tony says, “OfficeMax now offers industry leading Solutions for janitorial, continence products, chemicals and wound care for the Aged Care, Health, Welfare sectors as well as for Education.”

So what does a more diversified range mean for your school? For starters, purchasing school supplies and materials from multiple suppliers will incur higher costs, as against a single competitively priced supply source.

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