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Laugh Without Leaking

In a campaign to raise awareness for bladder and bowel incontinence sufferers, the Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) has coincided their Laugh Without Leaking campaign with World Laughter Day on May 5 to bring humour to a simple change that can improve lives, Aged Care Guide reports.

Around 77 percent of Australian nursing home residents are affected by bladder and bowel leakage, and faecal incontinence is one of three major causes for residential aged care admittance.

Incontinence issues can be helped, prevented and cured through correct daily pelvic floor muscle exercises.

CFA is using humour to break down barriers around the stigmatises condition through their Continence Champion, Bev Killick.

A Melbourne actress and comedian, Ms Killick is creating a conversation around the “once-sensitive” topic.

Ms Killick says, “There’s a significant proportion of the population for whom laughing out loud is just not an option, no matter how funny they find a routine. Laughing out loud literally involves weeing themselves laughing. I know this personally, as for most of my life I was one of those people”.

The campaign has quick, humorous 15-second video clips with Ms Killick explaining where you can do simple pelvic floor exercises throughout the day.

Continence Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Rowan Cockerell, says pelvic floor exercises as a daily ritual can be preventative and a cure for bladder and bowel leakages for over five million Australians who “unnecessarily suffer in silence”.

While the campaign is launching on May 5th, Laugh Without Leaking will have hundreds of events, displays, talks and activities throughout Australia during World Continence Week from 17-23 June


Continence Foundation of Australia launches Laugh Without Leaking campaign (Aged Care Guide)

Laugh Without Leaking