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System too complex

Navigating Australia’s aged care system has left Julia Sisson in tears from frustration, and her mother Jacqueline Jackson feeling as though she’s begging for help at the government’s feet.

The family first reached out to My Aged Care, the industry’s national entry point, in August of 2018 to seek home care packages for Mrs Jackson and her husband Ivan Jackson, who has dementia.

Public servant Julia Sisson’s parents are both seeking home care packages and have been on wait lists since October last year, with indications that they might not receive help for another 10 months.

Six months on from their packages’ approval in October, they are yet to come to fruition, and Mrs Jackson’s condition has declined from when she was assessed as needing basic or “level one” care.

The fact that Ms Sisson – a public service manager for 25 years – finds the system overwhelming only confirms its reputation as notoriously over-complicated and complex, she says.

A new industry called “aged care navigation” seeks to reduce the strain on home care and residential care applicants by effectively taking over their bids for an allocated place.

CEO of Independent Care Solutions in Braddon, Luisa Capezio, says a basic package costs about $2000 but that could go up to several thousand depending on a person’s assets and means.

“What has been so magical about our services is that we take that stress off the family who are trying to navigate the aged care system,” Ms Capezio said.

“They can leave all of the logistics, the paperwork, the Centrelink forms – all of that – to us to deal with.”

The median wait time for Canberrans to enter a residential aged care facility once they had been approved for a place was 301 days.


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