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Rich lister leaves billions

The majority of late Perth billionaire Stan Perron’s $4 billion fortune will go to charity, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Mr Perron died in Perth in November aged 96, and this month, Perron Group managing director and chief executive Ross Robertson revealed his succession plans.

Mr Robertson said the majority of Perron Group’s assets and future earnings would be given to the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, which would be run by Mr Perron’s daughter Elizabeth.

“I have accomplished my boyhood goal and have provided for my family, but, far beyond this achievement, I am in the very fortunate position of being able to give back to others who are disadvantaged and make a difference in their lives,” Mr Perron wrote in a Statement of Founder’s Intent.

“In 1978, I established the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation to provide a formal structure to facilitate my philanthropy and enable future generations of my family to continue my legacy.”

The foundation has donated tens of millions of dollars to WA charities, particularly those working to improve the health of children.


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