Saturday , February 16 2019
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Govt to cut red tape

The Federal Government is targeting Australia’s growing army of greying voters with a promise to cut red tape when applying for aged-care services, The West Australian reports.

Home Affairs Minister Michael Keenan said the Government was setting up a task force comprising corporate aged-care providers, expert groups and bureaucrats to find new ways of making it easier for older Australians to get access to care.

Mr Keenan and Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt announced the rollout of a promised Federal Budget measure to simplify the process of applying for aged-care assistance.

The new system will allow those people with relatively simple financial personal circumstances to apply for benefits with a much abbreviated and simplified application form of just a few pages.

The current combined assets and income assessment form for those people requesting aged-care assistance runs to 28 pages and is complex. About 170,000 Australians complete the form each year. The Government says about 70,000 Australians should be able to use the simpler form.


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