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Doorknockers threaten rape

A group of door knockers working for charity have allegedly threatened to gang-rape a female neighbour when they were turned away from a Byford property last week, WA Today reports.

The group have attended a number of Byford and Mundijong properties over the last week and have claimed to fundraise for Oxfam.

They have reportedly become aggressive when refused donations by residents and in one instance, it was alleged the group threatened a female homeowner with rape.

A witness said they had reviewed their CCTV footage after hearing about the incident from their neighbour.

“In the footage, you can clearly see that they go to my neighbour’s house,” they said.

“You can see the guy walk out onto the road, and use the light on his phone to wave the car back.

“And then they go back to the house and they’ve knocked again. When she answers the door, that’s when they’ve just said they’re going to gang-rape her.”

The woman closed her door and informed her neighbours of what had occurred.

An Oxfam Australia spokeswoman has since confirmed while the group had no direct link with Oxfam, they were fundraising on the charity’s behalf.

“The people in the footage published on social media yesterday are engaged by Global Interactive to fundraise for Oxfam,” she said.

“Oxfam is taking this matter extremely seriously and has passed on the information to WA Police.

“Global Interactive has also contacted WA Police and provided them with all relevant information.

“Global Interactive has removed all of their fundraisers from the Byford area, given community concerns about this matter.”


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