Friday , May 24 2019
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Unprepared for end of life

Only one-in-four Australians have had a conversation with their family about their end-of-life care wishes, despite a majority (74 per cent) believing they should plan ahead, according to the national peak body for palliative care, reports.

The results from a survey of 2100 Australians, published by Palliative Care Australia, have revealed a disconnect between people’s beliefs and actions, with a greater emphasis on financial planning than health.

One in four adults have no end-of-life documentation at all and only one in ten have nominated a person to make healthcare decisions for them, while one in twenty say they have an advance care plan.

“Talking about dying won’t kill you,” says PCA CEO Liz Callaghan.

People are more likely to receive the care they want if they have thought about it in advance and in the event of their death, they can relieve some of the stress left on the loved ones left behind, she said.

The survey also showed a third of Australians found it difficult to talk about their wishes for care and would only do so with family if they brought up the topic first.


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