Thursday , August 13 2020
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Charity taps into tech

The old excuse “sorry, got no cash on me” won’t fly with Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) anymore, ABC News reports.

The charity is tackling today’s growing cashless society head-on by introducing “tap and go” mobile pay facilities for debit or credit cards, as well as Apple Pay, for its donation drive, SOS Week.

It’s a move other charities are beginning to make as more and more people move away from carrying cash in preference of the speed and convenience of card.

SLSQ’s Faith Jarvis, who spent the morning out in Brisbane’s King George Square, said the response to the new donation avenue was positive.

“We’ve had a few questions about whether it’s a reoccurring payment, but once we’ve had the chance to explain it’s a one-off $2 donation, you tap it like you’re paying for something at the supermarket, the take-up has been great,” Ms Jarvis said.

“We had a few comments from people saying, ‘So good to see these because I never have any cash and want to make a donation’.”

Ms Jarvis said some people were opting to donate more than the $2.

“The biggest one I personally had was five taps — so $10,” she said.

“And that’s $10 more than he would’ve been able to donate had we not had the tap and go. That was brilliant.”

Ms Jarvis said they still had the traditional fundraising tins available for those carrying coins and notes.

Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies director Wendy Scaife said making it easier for people to donate was the way to go.

“People give when it’s easy and convenient to do that,” she said.


Charity combats cashless society by embracing $2 donations through Apple Pay and ‘tap and go’ (ABC News)