Wednesday , June 19 2019
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$10 million for hotel rooms

The NSW state government will redirect $10 million from emergency cheap hotel-room style accommodation for homeless people in crisis to encourage new models that offer people more support, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Pru Goward, Minister for Social Housing, announced last week that $10 million would be diverted from the state government’s temporary accommodation budget and given to non-government organisations with the brief to provide a better model of supported accommodation.

The state government spent up to $30 million a year on temporary hotel rooms for people in crisis in 2012, Fairfax Media reported. Those rooms can include low-cost motels and caravan parks, which are used on a temporary basis for people at points of crisis.

But Ms Goward said people could be left without enough support in the rooms.

“We recognise that some people, including many sleeping rough, have complex needs which require tailored additional support – that is why we are inviting the NGO sector to provide supported accommodation,” Ms Goward said in a statement.

“In addition to a roof over their heads, thousands more people in NSW will be linked with vital support services that give them the best chance of breaking the cycle of homelessness,” she said.

About 25,000 people used the temporary accommodation service last financial year, government statistics show.


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Eva Rinaldi – Pru Goward / Wikipedia / CC BY SA 2.0