Tuesday , December 11 2018
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Maths teacher you wish you had

When it came to a career, Eddie Woo could have done anything. But, in defiance of social convention and his parents’ wishes, he chose to go into education, Australian Story reports.

From humble beginnings as the child of migrant parents to an internet sensation, he is arguably now the most famous maths teacher in Australia.

His freely accessible website, “Wootube”, boasts more than 38,000 subscribers and has attracted nearly 3.8 million views worldwide. And counting.

“Wootube” was created to help a pupil who was missing a lot of school due to illness. For Eddie Woo, that student’s experience resonated with memories of his own childhood.

Promising to change education forever through sheer drive and compassion, he personifies the term, “the power of one”.


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