Need fish for Easter season?

Need fish for Easter?

Need fish for Easter?


Our Foodservice Partner, Simplot, has recently released a new range of I&J 140g Hoki Fish Fillets just in time for the Easter season. The range is an ideal size to be used as the centre piece for a dish (e.g. fish and chips) and comes in two varieties – crispy battered and crunchy crumbed.

The I&J 140g Crispy Battered Hoki Fillets and Crunchy Crumbed Hoki Fillets are natural skinless fillets, caught in the deep waters off the South Island of New Zealand.

The Hoki meat is delicate, succulent and white with a medium flake when cooked. The fish is enhanced when paired with our famous ‘made from fresh bread’ crumb or with the light and crispy batter option,  delivering a mouth-watering experience.

The premium quality, Hand Cut and Crumbed fillets and the hand cut and hand dipped Battered 20180307_115718option,deliver a made from scratch appearance saving the end user labour, offers customer’s convenience and provides confidence knowing they will receive the same great product every single time.

For convenience the Hoki 140g fillets come IQF and are easily prepared in a deep fryer between 5-7  minutes. The I&J Crunchy Crumbed and I&J Crispy Battered Hoki Fillets are MSC certified.


Why Do You Need Fish For Easter?

It is customary for some Christians to abstain from eating meat from warm blooded animals on Fridays during the season of Lent (in particular on Good Friday) and will therefore eat fish as a substitute for meat. Good Friday this year falls on the 30th of March.

Having a fish option for residents at your aged care facility during the Easter season will allow you to provide a seasonal variation on the menu for your residents. The Hoki Fillets are a great choice even outside of the Easter season as they require minimal preparation and can provide an easy alternative to grilled fish and other meats on your menu.

Bidfood CodesHoki1

Crispy Battered Hoki Fillets: #172769

Crunchy Crumbed Hoki Fillets: #172768





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