Managing Anxiety in the Classroom

Managing Anxiety in the Classroom

Managing Anxiety in the Classroom

With over 250,000 children and young people experiencing an anxiety condition in this country, anxiety represents a major challenge to educators and teachers. Church Resource partner, Winc is hosting a webinar where Dr Stephen Carbone and Dr Luke Martin will take you through the evidence for what you can do to manage anxiety in the classroom.

Webinar Discussion Topics include:

  • Prevalence (and if anxiety is becoming more common)
  • Common anxiety conditions in childhood and adolescence
  • What contributes to and maintains anxiety
  • Recognising anxiety in the classroom
  • Practical strategies for prevention and early action

About the Speakers

Dr Stephen Carbone is a former GP and Founding Director of Prevention United, a charity dedicated to the prevention of mental health conditions. Stephen has over 30 years’ experience in promoting people’s mental wellbeing, from providing one-to-one treatment through to be involved in designing and evaluating large scale mental health promotion initiatives.

Dr Luke Martin is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Prevention United. Luke has over 15 years experiencing promoting good mental health in children and young people by working closely with their parents and educators. Luke previously helped design and develop the national KidsMatter mental health initiative for primary schools.

Church Resources understands the importance of mental-health in our schools and strives to educate teachers and staff on managing anxiety in the classroom.  

The Managing Anxiety in the Classroom Webinar is scheduled on 30th October, 2019 (3.30pm – 4.30 pm AEDT).

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