Let CR and OfficeMax support you in providing quality Aged Care - Church Resources

Let CR and OfficeMax support you in providing quality Aged Care

Let CR and OfficeMax support you in providing quality Aged Care

Discover how Church Resources can help you get quality products at the best price for your Aged Care organisation.


By reviewing and auditing cleaning programs in each application area, CR suppliers are able to recommend solutions that can provide significant savings in overall cleaning spend.

When looking at the overall spend on cleaning activities within a facility cleaning chemicals represent a small portion of the cost. Traditionally in the overall spend of washing in areas such as kitchen and laundry, the chemical cost is only 5-6% of the total costs associated with these functions (including labour, energy and product degradation).

Rewashing is an expensive issue, so spending a few cents extra on a better chemicals and professional guidance on machine settings (which all CR manufacturers will freely give) can assist in managing your chemical costs and mitigate this risk to your business.

Premium brands you know and can trust such as Diversey, Rubbermaid, Ecolab, Oates and many more are all available through CR’s supply partner Officemax, who has supported CR and the NFP sector exclusively for more than 15 years.


A common misconception is that if you’re paying less for the product, you’re saving money. This could not be further from the truth when considering Continence and Wound Care, which is one of the more expensive categories in an Aged Care business.

Costs can escalate very quickly if your staff are not properly trained and educated on a regular basis in the best use of both continence and appropriate wound care products. Poor training and education and the use of cheap products can lead to an increase in skin integrity issues, and not using the correct product at the appropriate time can add to soilage issues. Therefore, a strategic hygiene regime is critical to provide quality service and reduce cost over-runs.

The expertise available from major manufacturers is substantial and should be maximised and comes at no cost to you.

For reasons of quality and support, CR partners in the NFP sector with Officemax can provide brands such as Tena, Depend & Poise, 3M, Kleenex, Tork, QG, Mediflex and many more to support the Aged Care sector.


The right product in the right dispenser in the right place will save you money.

How many times have you seen product “X” in a dispenser from company “Y” and the frustration in extracting (and that is the word) the right product from the wrong dispenser?

Firstly, get the appropriate product for your “need” situation. Then load it into its purpose designed dispenser. Life’s a lot easier and there is a whole lot less wastage accessing the product, it does not get mutilated or over dispensed in the usage process, it’s quicker to access and a whole lot more satisfying experience.

Reputable leading manufacturers are only too happy to guide in the product selection and assist in ensuring you save both time and money. All have purpose designed dispensers that work well with their paper and liquid products.

Staff training and education in use of the best products and methodology is freely available from our manufacturers.

Our janitorial offering is supported by the leading national suppliers of janitorial products and our distribution channel delivers 5 days a week.  CR has partnered with OfficeMax for over 15 years to support the NFP sector and provide CR Members the best outcomes for their business.

If you would like to learn more about how CR can help you with Aged Care procurement contact Church Resources at info@churchresources.com.au or call 1300 248 724. 

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