Large scale renewable generation electricity Power purchase agreement (PPA)

Large scale renewable generation electricity Power purchase agreement (PPA)

Large scale renewable generation electricity Power purchase agreement (PPA)

A key strategy to improve an organisation’s sustainability is to source energy from a renewable generation source.

One way to support renewable power generation is through a long term large scale Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), where customers agree to purchase the renewable energy across a long term period.

Procurement Australia is now commencing a process to establish a large scale renewable generation PPA contract for members’ use on a committed volume and viable aggregated energy load basis. The contract will accommodate all categories of electricity – large & small markets, and contestable metered public lighting.

This new electricity product is currently scheduled to deliver energy from 1 July 2020 and compliments Procurement Australia’s existing electricity product offering. It also confirms our strategy to provide three electricity category product offerings to meet members’ requirements in changing market conditions.

Upon commencement of this PPA, Procurement Australia’s electricity contract offering will consist of three products:

• Short Term Fixed price, Fixed Duration (incorporating Green Power)

• Progressive Procurement (incorporating Green Power)

• Long Term Renewable Generation Power Purchase Agreement


DATE: Wednesday 19 September, 2018

TIME: 10.00am – 11.30am (Inclusive of Q&A)

The webinar briefing will address:

• The reasons for this product

• Renewable generation options and targets, and their rationale

• Process timetable

• Envisaged contract duration and geographic reach

• Risks and where they exist

• The RFT respondent market

• PPA case studies

• Member participation and commitment requirements


To find out more about Procurement Australia’s PPA Contract or the Member Briefing and Webinar please contact