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Strategic Energy Procurement

Specialist advice designed for large market NFPs to minimise risk and maximise the value of energy spend

Large Market Energy

Timing your energy procurement in a volatile market is of the essence. For members that have Large Market meters we offer expert advise on when to purchase and for how long and via competitive tendered events.

  • Get the most from your energy procurement with a comprehensive cost management program to assess all elements of your electricity bill.
  • Enjoy the confidence of expertise from our specialist energy consulting partner.
  • Apply market intelligence on price volatility and relevant market factors and achieve better outcomes from your NFP’s energy procurement.
  • Manage past experience and future objectives

Why buy through CR?

  • CR gives you access to solutions that are low maintenance and easy to implement. Take full advantage of market opportunities with minimal use of your not for profit organisation’s resources.
  • CR helps you achieve the security and protection you may not achieve by purchasing directly from suppliers. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with proven, professional expertise in a deregulated market.
  • CR ensures you receive expert advice. CR helps you to procure scalable solutions, because the cost management program applies to one for many sites, enhancing the efficiency of your NFP’s energy procurement processes.

Maximise energy and minimise risk today

Comprehensive cost management solutions to optimise your energy spend. Get expert advice on contract timing, terms and suppliers for the most possible value from your energy spend.

Call 1300 248 724 now to talk to a Large Market Energy Specialist.

Our energy value added services include:

  • Data collection
    Avoid the headache and leave it to the experts to assemble your recent energy invoices and supply contracts into a comprehensive database of all energy profiles.
  • Invoice validation
    Have reassurance you’re not overpaying with detailed review of energy invoices to verify charges and identify any potential overcharges.
  • Metering/Demand Management
    Enjoy enhanced visibility of your usage with on-going analysis and optimisation of demand charges, including monthly reporting on consumption and cost.
  • Network Analysis
    Review available regulated rate options and non-commodity charges to identify cost reduction opportunities for your NFP.
  • Risk Management/Sourcing
    Develop detailed risk management strategy, implement and prepare energy tender and source energy – saving your time and resources for other core activities.
  • Support/Market Intelligence
    Have confidence that your energy procurement is backed by experts who will initiate, manage and track supplier queries as well as provide market pricing/trend reports.