Increasing Menu Choice with Community Chef

Increasing Menu Choice with Community Chef

Increasing Menu Choice with Community Chef

Community Chef is a unique ready-made food product supporting catering services across foodservices. The recipes have been designed with a focus on providing nutritious meals and providing menu variety for culturally and religiously diverse consumers.

Community Chef’s greatest advantage to any foodservice operation is the way the meals are packaged. The packaging options can support short and long-term catering solutions.

Community chef offers three ways to purchase their meals

1) White packaging chilled products (shelf life of 30 days) community chef 1

These products come with a range of protein starch options. To these, you can add vegetable or rice components such as beans, peas, corn and carrots. The vegetable packs come with two vegetables with multiple variations.

The advantage of these products is that you can tailor orders, by mixing and matching meal combinations. For example, if you have a client who does not like peas, simply choose a vegetable combination without peas. That way your client gets what they want every time, meaning more satisfied clients and less wastage.




2) Black packaging frozen product with easy plating opening (shelf life of 12 months)

These meals are all in one and are designed for easy preparation and plating. Simply pull a tab on the packaging and the meal can be opened and plated in one step. See our video below for a demonstration.


3) Bulk product can also be ordered in bundles of 20 servings

Increase the appeal of capabilities of your aged care facility. By offering ready-made meals from Community Chef, your facility can enjoy multiple advantages in the following areas (which is also a great way to market the value-adds of your facility over competitors):

  • Increased menu options- Community Chef’s range provides you with a plethora of menu planning options. This also helps with catering for differing cultures and religions
  • Streamline inventory- Only order the meal components you need by mixing and matching meal combinations
  • Easy preparation- Heat meals in packaging and easily serve straight to plate
  • Point of service options
  • Long shelf life

The many advantages of ordering from Community Chef:


  • Community Chef is a social enterprise wholly owned by Local Government
  • They also employ people for disadvantaged background and people with disabilities
  • Work with community initiatives such as North Melbourne Football club Huddle program



  • Award Winning state of the art facility based in Altona
  • Architecturally designed by renowned Architect/Industrial Designer, Francois Tesniere
  • Enables highest standards of food manufacturing
  • Low environmental footprint



  • HACCP Certified
  • Established internal quality system that ensure high standards of food safety, taste and nutrition are always met.


Menu Design

  • Iterative process with customer base which ensures the end user is getting access to a range of products that they want to eat
  • Independently assessed by dietitians
  • Recipes and methods designed with the assistance of the original Master Chef, Gabriel Gate
  • Large Selection of meals from culturally diverse cuisines
  • Most main meals and desserts are deemed diabetic friendly
  • Offer a range of Gluten Free meals
  • Offer a range of Vegan meals


Product packaging

  • Individual serve and bulk catering configuration
  • Pasteurised product has a minimum of 30 day shelf life in the fridge
  • Frozen product range has a 12 month shelf life


Community Chef have the ability to service all major centres in SA, VIC, NSW and QLD



The Community Chef menu and nutrition

Community Chef has a wide range of products to construct any menu. The Community Chef menu is seasonally rotated, four times per year, and there is enough product to outfit a four-week cycle menu.

The full range approximately comprises of:

  • 54 soups
  • 244 mains
  • 39 side vegetable options
  • 78 main salads
  • 3 side salads
  • 91 desserts
  • 41 sandwich varieties

Catering for different cultures and religions- Clients can select from Anglo-Australia meals, roasts, international meals, vegetarian options, Asian meals, salads and sandwiches. There is also texture modified, diabetes, low fat, low salt, high fibre, gluten free and low protein meals. Halal and Kosher meals are also available.



To find out more about Community Chef and start ordering, contact Church Resources at or call 1300 248 724.

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