The humble pie – making it part of your menu

The humble pie – making it part of your menu

The humble pie – making it part of your menu

The meat pie is as Aussie as it comes. However, pies have been around for a long time in various forms. Pies have been found as far back as the Neolithic Period, around 9500 BC. The ancient Egyptians’ made pies from oats, wheat, rye, and barley, then filled with honey and baked over hot coals.

Pies became an easy way to transport a meal as the filling was held in place by the pastry and could be transported. Australia is not the only country that has pies as part of its cuisine. In fact, pies are found globally either filled with a savoury or sweet filling.

The variety and possibility of pie-ingredient combinations are endless. The most famous is the meat pie made with beef in a gravy sauce. Due to the nature of pies ranging in sizes and shapes, they are appropriate in all dining situations, whether that be a formal dinner or sitting on a park bench.

Pies have had a bad rap for being a high fat and salt food. It is true, the pastry is made using fat and the filling flavoured with gravy/sauce may contain a lot of salt. However, we must understand, by nature of how pies are made, that they will have a certain fat and salt content. That is why they are foods which should be consumed in moderation. Often in the media we see articles indicating that they should not be on aged care menus, or served at school canteens. There is a big difference in menu planning between these two foodservice sectors.

Aged care homes operate on cyclic menus over at least a four week cycle, so having an odd pie meal falls into the moderation category. However, school students choose from a more static menu which could also include pies in moderation if pies were only available on certain days.

The manufacturing industry has responded to the health concerns around pies. To address the pastry concern of using fat, they have turned to using poly and monounsaturated sources, which are better for your health. They are also examining filling with a lower salt content. Pies are now available with: potato toppings, reducing one layer of pastry, as well as filled with lower fats meats, vegetable and vegetarian options.

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These products ranges can be purchased from Bidfood.
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