How CSIRO & Food Innovation Australia Made Our ‘Delicious’ More ‘Nutritious’

How CSIRO & Food Innovation Australia Made Our ‘Delicious’ More ‘Nutritious’

How CSIRO & Food Innovation Australia Made Our ‘Delicious’ More ‘Nutritious’

By Joe Ciccerone CEO Community Chef Food Service

Dear Member,

Over the years, we’ve monitored the changing requirements and attitudes towards food. People are ageing differently and so their nutritional needs also need to be adjusted to suit. Many people are also becoming more savvy when it comes to nutritional requirements that relate to different ages and lifestyles.

This was a perfect example of when ‘less is more’.

One of the problems we encountered was ‘too much food, not enough nutrition’ which also contributed to greater waste. Our collaboration with CSIRO and Food Innovation Australia resulted in recipe modifications that increased nutritional density, while producing more appropriate and satisfying portion sizes.

Their dietitians reworked some of our most popular recipes against HACC guidelines and the Nutrient Reference Values as set by the National Health & Medical Research Council.

“The results? A well-balanced range of dishes using whole foods and whole food additives (such as skim milk powder) enabling portion sizes that satisfied while reducing waste.”

The other vital consideration was, of course, the ‘tasty’ factor. There’s no point in having nutritionally dense dishes that nobody wants to eat. But since Community Chef is Australia’s largest provider of prepared meals to the aged and disability sectors, we believe we have the ‘tastes of the people’ covered. In fact, we’re happy to pass on consumer comments such as: “It’s nice food you know, very nice. I wasn’t expecting that when my daughter suggested it. I like everything I’ve had, especially the deserts.”

“We are committed to finding better ways to serve better food, with greater economy – while making the consumers very happy.”  

Well, we’ve worked with many clients to help them achieve their goals, and for those who partner with us, we can also help you:

  • Improve procurement practices
  • Ensure compliance with food safety guidelines
  • Redesign menus to provide more variety without adding to costs
  • Efficiently roster staff and
  • Provide options for outsourcing of non-core activities.

Community Chef’s CEO, Joe Ciccerone adds, “It’s important to collaborate with experts in the field of food science as well as those gifted with a flair for ‘great taste’. We also believe that reducing wastage and optimising sustainable practises goes hand in hand with a successful end result.”

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