How Can You Help All Good Causes

Cancer Research, Save the Children or the RSPCA: how can you help ALL the good causes?

Cancer Research, Save the Children or the RSPCA: how can you help ALL the good causes?

Did you know there is a way to help more NFP causes, while accomplishing your mission? For example, you can achieve your goals and at the same time support other worthy causes such as cancer research, animal protection, or saving the children.

With Church Resources (CR), you support thousands of not-for-profits across Australia the moment you become a Member!


CR’s aggregated purchasing power is a simple solution that helps you get better procurement deals, while at the same time indirectly supporting other NFP organisations’ missions.

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Team up with businesses who care as much as you do

You aim to make a difference with your mission, and this naturally requires the financial backing for your organisation to operate. As an organisation, you would love to receive more donations and grants to help fund your mission, and equally would love to make donations, to all the other worthy causes that need assistance; you just can’t help them all.

At the same time, you feel like you are being pulled in all directions, wanting to do more for the community, but lacking the time or resources for it.

With CR, you no longer have to worry.

CR leverages the combined buying power of all our Member organisations to negotiate offers with leading Suppliers. In other words, the more Members CR has, the more competitive offers we can bring to your and other not-for-profit organisations.

We like to call it “strength in numbers”.

An ethical and moral solution, CR enables you to achieve your mission while helping other NFPs achieve theirs. Indirectly, through conscious purchasing decisions, you are supporting other good causes when you become a Member: the children, the students, the sick, the old, the needy.

The feelgood factor is undeniable!

Supporting good causes through your business is easy

Traditionally, if you want to finance a good cause, you can do it by donating to charity.

But here’s a different concept: you automatically support over 18,000 Australian not-for-profit organisations as a CR Member by enabling them to save on their procurement costs. So even if you are not directly donating money for these charities, you help them gain access to better procurement deals.

CR can provide constructive advice to assist you and others like you save more and direct your savings back into your mission. This allows your organisation to continue serving the community and to contribute to other NFP campaigns.

Our mission is only as successful as our Membership: the more organisations join CR, the more causes we can all support.

Are you interested in supporting fellow not-for-profits? CR offers a unique opportunity to effortlessly support over 18,000 organisations across Australia. Become a Member today! Join us for more:

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