Hans Pulled Beef Sandwich with Birch & Waite Truffle Mayonnaise

Hans Pulled Beef Sandwich with Birch & Waite Truffle Mayonnaise

Hans Pulled Beef Sandwich with Birch & Waite Truffle Mayonnaise


Hans pulled meat range provides exceptional quality and time saving to any kitchen. This product comes frozen in 1 kg bags ready to use for any dish. The pulled meat can be reheated in the microwave, oven or allow to defrost and use it straight onto sandwiches, salads, wraps and burgers as shown below.


Serve 10

Approximate cooking time 30 minutes


1 kg Pulled beef meat (Hans)

20 slices of bread (Goodman Fielder)

500 g mozzarella cheese (Fonterra)

Truffle mayonnaise (Birch & Waite)


  1. Heat the beef up with cheese sprinkled on top
  2. Spread Truffle Mayonnaise on bread
  3. Top with lettuce
  4. Spread beef with melted cheese on top of lettuce
  5. Top with extra Truffle Mayonnaise
  6. Serve

Bidfood codes of products featured:

Hans Pulled Beef – 146093

Birch & Waite Truffle Mayonnaise – 155949

Fonterra Mozzarella Cheese (6 x 2kg bag)- 1821

Nutrition information per serve (245g)

Energy (kJ) Protein (g) Fat (g) CHO (g) Fibre (g)
2355 41 20 28 4



*The recipes from CR kitchen are a guide only and all products and ingredients labels should be checked for allergen/intolerance ingredients.


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