Everything You Need For Back to School

Everything You Need For Back to School

Everything You Need For Back to School

Office Max and Winc have come together to meet all your educational needs. We all know that Back to school could be a stressful period not only for schools but also for children and parents. The last thing you need to worry about, during this stressful period is your school equipment and solutions.

Office max and Winc have a dedicated team of school specialists who are ready to take the pressure off during the Back to school rush. All that they long for is that you and your students have a solid start to the new year.

Church Resources partners with OfficeMax and Winc to provide our members access to over 1,000 handpicked products ranging from categories such as textbooks and technological solutions to STEAM and office supplies. This enables your school to have a seamless ordering experience where you could rely on us to meet all your back to school requirements which means that you could focus on things that are more important.

Drawing on our heritage of trusted relationships, partnerships and education expertise we are able to bring you an unparalleled Back to School offer which sees more than 8,500 schools’ partner with us every year.

Office Max and Winc have got you covered for an amazing Back to School experience.

  • Textbooks and eBooks – Decades of experience and exclusive partnerships with leading educational publishers mean your school will have access to a great range of textbooks and eBooks.
  • Technology Solutions – Offering everything from everyday technology products to bespoke IT and multimedia solutions, OfficeMax and Winc will help your school make informed decisions that will keep you running, updated and ahead of the game.
  • STEAM equipment – Our range of hand-picked STEAM products have real-world applicability and encourage student-led learning and 21st-century thinking.
  • School essentials – Back to School ordering goes beyond stationery and exercise books to include items such as sporting and science equipment and safety, personal hygiene and washroom supplies.
  • Classroom Supplies – We supply everything from stationery and art and craft supplies to teaching aids and board games, ready for a rainy day.
  • Office Supplies – From kitchen and janitorial supplies to storage and filing solutions, get everything your office and staff room needs delivered straight to your desk.

Contact Church Resources to get access to the 2020 Back-to-School Order Guide or any questions regarding your school’s purchases for the new academic year!