Large Site Energy Contract Renewals

Large Site Energy Contract Renewal – Keeping Your Costs Low

Large Site Energy Contract Renewal – Keeping Your Costs Low

The Australian energy market is extremely volatile and the timing of your large site contract renewals can have massive implications on your budget over the year. How do you lock in the best rates for your organisation?


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Where organisations spend more than they should

Many organisations will wait until a month or two before their contract is up for renewal before searching the market for pricing and contracts. With a lead time of 4-8 weeks before expiry your organisation is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Because of this many organisations don’t have the opportunity to lock in the best rates as they have to choose between re-contracting (regardless of the energy rates at the time) or going onto default rates.

A lack of time to assess the options is the greatest risk your organisation can face.

What’s the solution?

Your organisation should begin to seek professional advice on the energy market well in advance from those who can help you mitigate any risks involved in energy procurement and reduce your costs. Preparing early gives your organisation the opportunity to potentially lock in lower rates as well as weigh up the pros and cons of long vs short term contracts saving you money over the life of your contract.

CR has been supporting the not-for-profit sector in large site energy procurement for over 15 years. We can help you assess your current energy situation and find the best energy solution to match your organisational needs. The key is to get in early!

We’d all like to be consumers of green energy and do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint but the reality is most of us still use black energy. Investing in solar energy technology is also a great way to help you keep your costs low while simultaneously improving your carbon footprint. Through Church Resources your organisation has access to AGL’s Smart Energy Plan which can help you bring in solar energy for $0 upfront!

  1. Find out when your current contract ends
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Easy peasy.



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