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Sustainable Energy Solutions

Earth-friendly energy to minimise your NFP's environmental footprint.

Sustainable Energy

Do your bit to protect the planet with forward-thinking, green energy solutions. Church Resources partners with Eco Community to give your not-for-profit affordable access to green energy from non-polluting, renewable energy sources, including solar, water, wind and waste.


  • Use less electricity and enjoy significant savings on your energy bill
  • Position your organisation as a responsible corporate citizen
  • Enhance leadership and innovation in your not-for-profit organisation by deploying new technologies and forward thinking initiatives to better Australia

Why buy with CR?

  • CR delivers consistent value on Sustainable Energy solutions with exclusive pricing that we negotiate for all our Members
  • CR and Eco Community work together to deliver long-term value by developing a viable environmental vision for your NFP
  • CR gives assurance of fairly priced solutions that are carried out to a high standard, with specialist support and recommendations on products and their installation
  • Our Sustainable Energy specialists help you to identify the total cost of ownership and true environmental impact

Start minimising your NFP's carbon footprint today

Easy to implement, sustainable energy solutions that are kinder to the planet and your budget.

Call 1300 248 724 now to speak to an Energy Procurement Specialist.

Our Sustainable Energy solutions deliver

  • Simplified procurement
    Find all the sustainable solutions you need in one place, brought to you by CR Resources in partnership with Eco Community.
  • Preferential service
    Have complete confidence that you’re receiving unbiased, superior service from specialists in the eco and sustainability market. Where possible, warranties are provided and managed by CR on your behalf.
  • Exceptional value
    Reduce costs two ways: consume less energy, and enjoy exclusive NFP pricing on all sustainable energy solutions supplies. Enjoy assurance of installation and electricity prices with all costs clearly explained and validated.

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