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Digital leaders just get on with it

Digital leaders just get on with it

Church Resources is committed to leadership and technology and endeavours to be a digital winner.

Digital leaders have mastered the ability to operate at genuine scale while not sacrificing agility, according to management thinkers at Bain.

A paper called “Anatomy of a digital forerunner”, written by Elizabeth Spaulding, Sarah Dey Burton and Greg Caimi, argues “Business and retail customers alike have come to expect a smooth, omnichannel buying experience whether they are purchasing a pair of socks or a million-dollar piece of construction equipment.”

The authors say that even the most traditional companies are finding ways to transform their competitiveness by reinventing back-office processes, speeding up supply chains and reimagining service offerings.

The very best performers, who they describe as digital forerunners, combine the scale advantages of incumbents with the speed and agility of native digital businesses.

By Andrew Birmingham. This article is a fragment originally published on and can be read in full here.


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