CR Visits Birch & Waite Manufacturing Plant

CR Takes an Excursion to Birch & Waite

CR Takes an Excursion to Birch & Waite

The team from Church Resources was invited by Birch & Waite to visit their manufacturing plant in Marrickville to see first-hand how their new range of Thickened Drinks is made. We were greeted by Jude Lawrence (Accounts Executive Health and Aged Care) and Sam D’Silva (Marketing).

We spent a lot of time looking at the factory and discussing the new range of Thickened Drinks which Birch & Waite have released. The new range has some excellent design features supporting those who require thickened fluids and those who are caring for those that require thickened fluids.

Easy to grip – side wall panels make it easy to hold

Easy-peel lid & textured grip – allow ease of opening with a 4 Arthritis Australia opening rating

Easy read labels – colour coded for different thicknesses, clear print and viscosity level is also printed on the side of the cup to assist with identification once the lid is removed.

Long shelf life – allows for the purchase of varieties of flavours

Heat the tea – tea can be heated up in the cup

Milk drink – good source of protein


For more information on the range click here

Birch & Waite also make a range of dessert items which can be used across the menu and for texture modified diets.  These desserts can be used for snacks as well, this is important for those on a texture modified diet to add variety at snack time, but also when food is needed, they require no preparation time.

The team from Church Resources had a great morning and learnt a lot about existing and new products being produced by Birch & Waite. A number of YouTube videos were also produced to talk about both the thickened fluid and dessert range. This is a sensational initiative which will help all Church Resource Members when it comes to menu planning and providing a variety of meal options (Dr Abbey).


Birch & Waite are an Australian company committed to providing superior quality by utilising fresh ingredients and cutting edge technology. Their range of thickened drinks help to provide variety and choice to those in aged care who have difficulty with swallowing liquids and allows them to enjoy everyday drinks.

You can view the brochure for the Birch & Waite thickened drinks range below.

Birch and Waite Thickened Drinks

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