Costing method for food services in aged-care

Costing method for food services in aged-care

Costing method for food services in aged-care

Church Resource partners with the University of Queensland (UQ) to offer our supply partners and members the opportunity to work with their Masters of Dietetics students. This partnership has been growing over the last 3 years and through a series of foodservice related studies, Church Resources is able to support the aged care sector holistically. The UQ Victus Foodservice Research Group brings together national and international experts in foodservice, spearheading research focussed on vulnerable populations.  The group is dedicated to working with residential aged care homes and their staff to find practical solutions to the problems faced by the sector.

Mikaela Wheeler is a PhD candidate operating as a member of UQ Victus Foodservice Research Group and is currently developing a costing method for foodservices in aged care facilities. To be able to do this, the group is calling for aged care homes of all of different sizes, ownership types and locations to participate in a study that is determining what are the real costs involved in running an aged care foodservice. Participating facilities will receive a detailed report of their foodservices for their participation. By partnering with your aged-care facility, the group hopes to drive change in the aged care sector that has lasting benefits for both organisations and residents.

Many in the UQ Victus Foodservice Research Group believe that together we can make a difference in foodservices, but it needs support. Food is one of the most important factors in aged care homes and more knowledge is needed to support better outcomes for our residents.

If you would like to work with UQ or have any further questions regarding the study, contact Mikaela at or see the information flyer by clicking here.

We ask that homes express their interest to participate in this study latest by the 22nd of November 2019.    

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