Why Continual Staff Skill Development is Important in Foodservices

Why Continual Staff Skill Development is Important in Foodservices

Why Continual Staff Skill Development is Important in Foodservices

It’s Not Simply About Cooking

Putting together meals may seem a simple task but it often takes a lot of skill to be able to process the different food requirements: diets, texture modifications, understanding the complexity of menu planning and getting it right for every resident every meal. It also requires continual skill enhancement to developand change menus and try different cooking techniques to bring variety and freshness to any menu. Just like any industry, Foodservices is constantly changing due to new technology, processes and systematic changes to deliver top quality meals.

Foodservice is about preparing high quality meals which is more than simply turning ingredients into meals. To do this, staff need to have a range of skills which include: cooking, portioning, plating and service skills. Supplementing those skills is a wide range of information such as recipes, quantities, portion sizing, ordering and production schedules. Foodservice is also rapidly changing with technology. Equipment, information systems and the food supply are all changing to meet the needs of residents, producing food quicker, safer and for less. Examples of these include:

  • Grills and hot plates which use double sided cooking technology so that the cooking time is reduced.
  • The use of pressure cookers again to reduce the cooking time.
  • Food production technology such as genetic engineering which reduces pests, drought, spoilage and increases the shelf-life of food.
  • Information software that allows for the management of meals, diets, purchasing, forecasting, ordering, production, meal delivery and food safety.

Why Upskill?

Staff skill enhancement requires an investment from any organisation in time and making staff available to undertake training. Increasing staff skill has a number of positive outcomes including efficient and effective work practices, being able to perform tasks and improved performance.

Orientation is an important aspect to all staff training and ensuring not only new staff but also existing staff are exposed to skill enhancement and renewal. The Aged Care Channel has a comprehensive range of programs which can facilitate in-house staff training. They have also updated their foodservice program which is a great example of a short training program covering one of the most important aspects of foodservice, the safe production and serving of food.

Church Resources’ Excellence in Foodservice Community Program is providing all Members working in foodservices with excellent skill enhancement sessions at no cost. These include FREE webinars that cover basic nutrition that can serve as an initial introduction to nutrition or a refresher course for those in the Foodservice industry. It is a very exciting time for the EFCP. To check the schedule and to register for our Foodservice webinars click here.

Dr Karen Abbey

Foodservice  Dietitian (APD) PhD

Church Resources Foodservice Ambassador


Dr. Karen Abbey will be running a FREE nutrition webinar course for CR Members starting November. The course will start November 7th and the first module will be repeated December 6th. The course continues into 2018 as part of our commitment to provide our Members with the very best in foodservice and nutrition. For the full course schedule and to sign up click the button below:


Church Resources Excellence in Foodservice Community Program provides procurement solutions and has access to a wide range of manufacturing partners and their resources. To become part of this program and to subscribe to  CR Foodservices newsletter click below:



To find out more about Dr Karen Abbey click here.

To find out more about Dr. Karen Abbey click here

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