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Birch & Waite Thickened Drinks

Birch & Waite Thickened Drinks

CR’s Foodservice Partners, Birch & Waite, have a new thickened drinks range that is available for CR Members. This is a new product in their line-up which has been designed to help people with dysphagia stay hydrated. The range was developed alongside Australian speech pathologists while the container was developed with Arthritis Australia to ensure its accessibility for those who will be consuming it.



  • 12 month shelf life
  • 6 Flavours
    • Water
    • Lemon & Lime Water
    • White Tea (can be heated)
    • Apple Juice
    • Orange Juice
    • Malt Flavoured Milk
  • 3 industry standard viscosity levels
B&W Viscosity
  • Developed with Arthritis Australia and Australian speech pathologists
    • Easy to grip (side wall panels)
    • Easy-peel lid & textured grip (4 Arthritis Australia opening rating)
  • Easy to read labels (colour coded for different thicknesses, clear print and viscosity levels also printed on side of the cup to assist with identification once the lid is removed)
  • Batch crafted
    • Consistent flavour and viscosity
  • Low allergen (except malt flavoured milk)

Birch & Waite is an Australian company commitBirch & Waite Cup Detailsted to providing superior quality by utilising fresh ingredients and cutting edge technology. Their range of thickened drinks help provide variety and choice for those aged care residents and patients who have difficulty swallowing liquids and allows them to enjoy everyday drinks.

You can view the brochure for the Birch & Waite thickened drinks range below.

Birch and Waite Thickened Drinks


Church Resources Members have access to our wide range of Foodservice supply partners which carry products that can help support residents, patients and people in the community living with dysphagia.

Birch & Waite – thickened fluids and puree desserts

For more information on the range click here. 



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